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Nuance PowerScribe 360 and the Nuance PowerShare Network empower healthcare providers to collaborate and deliver complete, timely, quality diagnostic reporting and medical imaging data exchange.

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Nuance supports and improves the entire clinical documentation process to improve patient care, drive revenues, reduce costs, and support compliance. Strategic partnerships with major EHR/EMR and RIS/PACS vendors leverage existing technologies while providing seamless integration and not disrupting workflows—so you can make the most of your implementation.

Why upgrade to PowerScribe® 360 Reporting 3.5

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Multimedia reports

Enhance communication of radiology findings by easily embedding PACS images with text into multimedia reports to provide a more comprehensive picture of a patient’s condition and help referring physicians better understand findings and treatment options. Available with core solution. Requires downstream system compatibility.

Prior exam and image review

Radiologists can now easily review images from prior studies with the integrated access to the PowerShare Network—expediting care decisions, minimizing unnecessary, redundant exams, and improving patient care.

Quality Guidance

The Quality Guidance optional add-on in conjunction with PowerScribe 360 v3.5 enables real-time clinical insights at the point of documentation using recommendations from Radiology Societies and Nuance’s latest Clinical Language Understanding core technology.

Registry Reporting

The PowerShare™ Registry Reporting Services optional add-on automates data collection and submission to the ACR Registry to simplify data submission to targeted registries like the ACR's PQRS registry. Radiology Reporting maintains productivity and existing workflows, and ensures compliance to avoid penalties.

Quality Check

Automated tools for detecting and notifying radiologists of potential gender and laterality errors facilitate rapid report correction, reduce the overall rate of report errors, and improve the final clinical record.

Data integration from modalities

Automatically import measurement, dose, and other relevant data from the modality to eliminate the need to re-dictate/re-document for physicians and other healthcare professionals, leveraging existing workflows.

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PowerScribe Advisory Service

Change is inevitable, so leverage an approach to measuring, analyzing and improving patient care can make the difference. Your data is a valuable asset, and when analyzed properly can demonstrate clear trends and opportunities for improvement, and can be a driver to support necessary change.

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