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Unique Service Model

A single source of contact to the industry’s top transcription teams.

Unique Service Model

At Nuance our number one goal is to help you succeed by providing you with unparalleled customer service.  We do this by providing you a single source of contact through our unique service model. Nuance account teams are 100% accountable for their customers’ satisfaction. We assign specific staff to each account, which enables every member of the team to know the hospital and its physicians. We can assemble the right resources to address any challenge – a sudden change in workflow, an upswing in employed physicians – quickly and efficiently.  

Our unique model is built around providing effective communications between our client operations management team, our customer service center, and our clients. Our Client Operations Managers (COMs) are the primary daily contacts for our customers. Each COM has his or her own team consisting of Transcription Services Managers, Transcription Leads, Medical Language Specialists and Quality Control Editors - operating as a close-knit team while providing exceptional results for our customers.

NTS has the United States’ largest medical transcription workforce -- thousands of skilled, experienced, proven and tenured medical language specialists. In addition, Nuance also employs resources in India to improve turnaround times in off-peak hours without sacrificing quality or security of data.

Nuance’s Medical Language Specialists are some of the most qualified in the industry, many with more than 10 years of experience transcribing in the healthcare industry. The COMs and their teams are supported by our 24/7/365 Customer Service Center, which is staffed with “live” personnel; we do not have a voicemail system.

NTS teams can monitor all work in progress by job status. Each job has detailed tracking and logging information to ensure that it is completed within the contractual turnaround time (TAT). COMs can also provide monthly status reports that are specific to the facility’s requirements and include TAT, quality performance, and existing open items at time of report generation.

NTS’ daily commitment is to exceed expectation.  We work with our customers to convert every interaction into an experience that is above and beyond the industry standard.  We invite you to speak with any of our clients and hear first-hand how it’s better at Nuance.

Unique Service Model

A secure environment for storing, accessing and managing patient data is critical when that data comprises 60% of a patient’s medical record.  To ensure accessibility and security and to avoid downtime, Nuance’s datacenters are configured with multiple, fault-tolerant infrastructure components. Nuance Transcription Services provides comprehensive training for physicians, support staff and the medical language specialists.  Training programs include:

Typically, physician dictation and administrative/workflow support staff training is completed onsite during the week of “go-live.”  Nuance also can conduct web-based and train-the-trainer training as required and subject to each client’s needs.

Dragon Medical 360 | eScription  reports training is a remote, instructor-led session focused on customer center reports, providing skills necessary to find the appropriate standard report and, if necessary, organize and filter the data.

A wealth of innovative training resources and tools enable medical language specialists to work proficiently in the
Dragon Medical 360 | eScription
environment. Training begins with an orientation program. Live work happens only after they have achieved baseline quality review standards.  Further, to ensure transcriptionists deliver the highest quality documents, Nuance Transcription Services employs a rigorous TAT and quality assessment methodology.

Other medical language specialist training options include: online learning, quality newsletters, the Fiesa Quality Management Application, online live- and self-paced webinars, access to specialty curriculum web-based learning opportunities, and support for achieving/maintaining CMT status, etc. 

Nuance also maintains a strict and rigorous HIPAA education and enforcement program to keep all protected health information private and secure.

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