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Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition

Speech recognition in the cloud: Available wherever, whenever.

Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition



Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition is a complete solution offered in 22 recognition languages. The product has a server component and multiple clients that connect to the server. It is offered as a private cloud and installed on premise in a hospital network and enables you to create medical text via speech recognition in any application that you can type in – without compromise in regard to real-time recognition, recognition accuracy or the learning algorithms.

  • CHALLENGE: The best way to save time spent on clinical documentation while improving completeness is to capture the data directly at the point-of-care during or right after patient contact so as not to lose valuable time and information. Speech recognition contributes significantly to a streamlined documentation workflow. But how can healthcare organisations rapidly introduce advanced, network-based speech recognition throughout their existing infrastructure wherever medical personnel need it?
  • SOLUTION: The new Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition is a new ready-to-use, clickonce cloud-based desktop solution enabling the use of innovative Nuance medical speech recognition technology - wherever and whenever you want. 

Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition is a ClickOnce application that is designed to be hosted on a web server - based on the new 360 | Development Platform, built on top of the best Nuance innovations, with no-compromise accuracy for the broadest IT-landscape. It offers:

  • Thin client support: Works on thin hardware clients with minimal hardware specs.
  • Virtualisation support: Works with virtualised servers, as well as Citrix environments.
  • Support for dictation devices from Philips, Grundig and Olympus.


The new cloud-based Nuance speech recognition solution can be used from a wide variety of client platforms: Windows desktop, Citrix, web browsers. Wherever, whenever!

  • Enables you to provide core speech recognition functionality with minimum effort and time.
  • Supports medical report creation via front-end speech recognition.
  • Supports immediate correction/finalisation by the end user.
  • Uses advanced speech recognition features to speed up report creation: auto-texts, voice commands, navigation, etc.
  • Advanced learning algorithms ensure continuously high accuracy.


  • Speech to text conversion in real-time
  • Dictate directly in supported edit controls, or comfortably in the Dictation Box and transfer easily with one click (e.g. using microphone buttons)
  • Correction via voice
  • Accessible on any computer in your infrastructure


No need to worry about

  • Steep learning curves on your part
  • Long development cycles
  • Complex deployment projects
  • Late-night upgrade/maintenance windows
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This approach makes things very flexible. We no longer have to roll out the software. The user can use practically any device and start dictating wherever they want. 
-Andreas Kaysler, CIO of the Augusta-Kranken-Anstalt hospitals in Germany
   New Zealand
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