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EHR Direct

EHR Direct

EHR Direct is a component of Dragon Medical 360 | eScription that lets clinicians combine point-and-click data entry with direct dictation into an EHR system. Using EHR Direct, a physician using Epic®, Allscripts®, GE® or other EHR can simply click in a free-text field, turn on a microphone and dictate a patient note. Dictated audio is processed by Nuance background speech recognition, producing drafts that are then edited by medical transcriptionists (MTs) either in-house or outsourced, and uploaded to the appropriate section of the patient’s note. By utilizing EHR Direct, healthcare organizations achieve significant cost savings generated by background speech recognition while giving clinicians the power to dictate directly into their EHR without the need for self-editing.

Preserve important clinician narrative while encouraging EHR adoption by allowing clinicians to dictate directly into the EHR.


  • Preserves narrative text needed for clinical documentation
  • Allow clinicians to document according to their preferences and needs
  • Promote adoption of the EHR


Dictate Directly Into the EHR

Dictation helps clinicians preserve the narrative story of the patient: information important for providing context necessary for effective patient care. With EHR Direct, clinicians working in the EHR can easily record the patient narrative and more at the click of a button, and without the need to record information in a separate dictation system.

Supports Full or Partial Dictations

EHR Direct allows clinicians to dictate some, all, or none of their notes into the EHR according to their needs and preferences. This allows clinicians the flexibility to use the appropriate level of documentation without the frustration caused by a single, inflexible input method.

Single Point of Data Entry

Since EHR Direct is integrated into your EHR interface, clinicians can conduct all of their data entry from one place, without the need for multiple systems or multiple log ins. By presenting different data entry methods in one place, EHR Direct can help your clinicians become more comfortable with using the EHR.

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