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Clinic 360 Transcription

Medical transcription solutions that deliver streamlined document capture for specialty practices and clinics

Clinic 360 Solutions

Now there is an end-to-end, transformative clinical documentation solution that leverages the power of voice to help you achieve quality patient care, financial integrity and compliance.

Designed specifically for the ambulatory environment, Clinic 360 solutions allow clinics and specialty practices to increase clinician productivity and improve the overall quality and timeliness of clinical documentation. Best of all, Clinic 360 offers the freedom of choice. Each clinician can choose the method of documentation that works best for them — use front-end voice recognition or dictate on a mobile device, recorder or telephone. Either way, Clinic 360 streamlines workflow, boosts clinician productivity and creates useful documentation.

  • Speed Clinical Documentation.
    Speech. It’s the fastest way to communicate. Clinic 360’s voice-driven clinical documentation solutions allow each clinician to choose the documentation method that best complements their workflow, volume and acuity.

    Dragon Medical front-end speech recognition allows clinicians to dictate, edit, and voice-navigate within the text box, capturing patient data directly within the EHR.

    Clinic 360 Mobile gives clinicians the ability to fully document patient encounters using a mobile device by delivering real-time access to the patient schedule, providing historical documentation during the dictation process and allowing users to review, edit and authenticate transcriptions.

    Clinic 360 Transcription solutions optimize the documentation process through automated routing, robust reporting and quality control capabilities that improve clinical documentation content and workflow.
  • Improve Clinical Documentation Quality.
    Dictation makes it easy for clinicians to enhance documentation with a conversational, narrative expression of the patient story. Platform capabilities auto-populate patient demographics and test results, ensuring accuracy and reducing risks. Meanwhile, templates that mirror the EHR record can guide content to aid in proper coding to advance financial integrity and compliance.
  • Bolster EHR Adoption and Usability.
    By making EHRs easier to use, Nuance creates a functional bridge for EHR adoption and enables clinicians to be productive while taking full advantage of an implemented EHR. Through close engineering collaboration with EHR vendors and expert work by our interface design team, Clinic 360 solutions safely and securely transmit discrete data and narrative information into corresponding sections in the EHR. Nuance not only strengthens regulatory compliance initiatives but also drives useful quality performance analytics and outcome reporting capabilities. 


Want to ease the burden of documentation and boost efficiency, all while supporting meaningful use and improving patient care? Give us a few moments and our experienced sales team can show you how Clinic 360 solutions work. Call toll free 1-877-805-5902.

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Clinic 360 Mobile: Dictation for the EHR.
By simplifying the documentation task and supporting thorough, high quality documentation, Clinic 360 Mobile supports EHR use and improves physician satisfaction, financial integrity, compliance and patient care.

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Clinic 360 ambulatory solutions help providers regain their voice.
Susan Sumner, VP Ambulatory of Nuance Communications, discusses how Clinic 360 solutions empower physicians by facilitating high quality document capture that frees them to focus on patient care.

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Clinic 360 solutions deliver complete, timely documentation.
Charlene Kellerman, Practice Administrator of Orthopaedic & Sports Medicine of Erie, details how the workflow benefits of Clinic 360 solutions enhance patient care and improve operations.

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Clinic 360 solutions provide the power of choice.
Ken Shranko, Associate Vice President of McLeod Physician Associates, praises Clinic 360 solutions and its ability to fit a range of provider preferences and work styles.

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Nuance Clinic 360 Development Approach.
Scott Sbihli, Senior Director of Product Management with Nuance Healthcare Solutions, shares how continuous engagement with clients helps Nuance build ever-­evolving products that meet industry needs.

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Clinic 360 Mobile app simplifies workflow.
William Whelehan, Purchasing Director, Illinois Bone & Joint Institute shares his providers’ welcome response to the functionality of Clinic 360 Mobile.

  • Maximize clinician productivity: Speech is the fastest way to create documentation. Templates compound efficiency by allowing physicians to dictate only exceptions.
  • Free clinicians to deliver the best patient care: When documentation can be completed efficiently, when the clinician can focus on the patient during the exam, when the patient encounter can be fully and accurately documented — clinicians, patients and facilities benefit.
  • Achieve compliance through seamless integration: Advanced EHR integration automatically places dictated data into corresponding sections in the EHR. Stored data is available for search and reporting.
  • Enhance operations and financial integrity: Streamlined workflows, quick turnaround times and thorough documentation all support business goals of shorter billing cycles and appropriate reimbursement.
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