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Type fast,
Swype faster

The Swype keyboard is a faster and easier way to enter text on smartphones and tablets. With one continuous motion across the screen, its patented technology lets you slide your finger from letter to letter and watch as words and phrases magically appear on screen.

Three reasons to love Swype

We think you’ll agree that Swype for iPhone® and iPad® is a game-changer.

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Product features

Take a look at how each feature brings simplicity and smarts to your new keyboard.

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We’re here to help. Get the most out of Swype by reading the latest tips and watching related videos.

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In action

Three reasons to love Swype.

Get more done.

No more hunting and pecking. Effortlessly glide your finger across the keyboard and watch the magic happen.

Your words, your way.

Swype adapts to you, learning the words and phrases you use most.

Pick your keyboard theme.

Choose one of five beautifully designed themes and Swype in your style.


Say hello to the fastest keyboard on the planet.

Swype Gestures

Quickly enter symbols, punctuation and capital letters with Swype Gestures.

Personal Dictionary

Add your custom words to the dictionary

Customizable Dictionary Behavior

Allow Swype to automatically add words to your dictionary or only add specific words chosen by you.

Word Choice List

Select corrections or predictions from right above the keyboard.

Next Word Prediction

Swype offers intelligent context based predictions from the Word Choice List.

And it gets smarter

Personal Language Model

Swype learns from your keyboard use to provide the most accurate word choices.


Mistyped words are automatically corrected to the most likely candidate.

Phrase Correction

Swype looks at the words you have just input in order to provide corrections for previously entered words. For instance, if you Swype “put” then “bull”, “put” will be corrected to “pit”.


We’re here to help. Have questions? Take a look through our support section for Frequently Asked Questions, tips, and related videos to help you get the most out of Swype.

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