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With Dragon desktop dictation solutions, it’s faster and easier to create and edit documents or email without typing. Just say words and they appear on the computer screen. Tell your computer what you want to do, and it obeys you. Dragon gives you the freedom to interact with your computer in a more natural environment, so you can focus more on the actual content of your documents instead of the manual task of typing.

  • Create documents and email simply by speaking.
  • Control your computer by voice.
  • Quickly capture your thoughts and ideas.

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Speech-enabled clinical documentation

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As value-based care becomes the norm, you’re under immense pressure to produce timely, accurate, and compliant documentation. But it must be accomplished in a way that eases the pressure on clinicians, freeing them to focus on patient care. Whether at a workstation or on the move, clinicians can use Nuance voice recognition to dictate patient information directly into the EHR and RIS/PACS. More than 500,000 clinicians and 10,000 healthcare facilities around the world are using Nuance solutions to make clinical documentation a more natural part of the clinician’s workflow. Explore Nuance speech-driven clinical documentation and communication solutions and services.

Physician Speech Recognition

Radiology Reporting

Medical Transcription

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Nuance Recognizer is the software at the core of our contact center automation solutions. With Nuance Recognizer, you can consistently deliver a great customer service experience while improving your self-service system’s containment rate.  It delivers the industry’s highest recognition accuracy even as it encourages natural, human-like conversations – the conversations that create more satisfying interactions with your customers. 

  • Save money by automating calls
  • Encourage natural, human-like conversations
  • Create more satisfying self-service interactions
  • Build on your infrastructure—or use ours

How we help your contact center automate calls

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