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Speaking about the ABCs
of the Connected Car

Nuance Automotive Newsletter                 March, 2012

A Note from the Editor:
The focal point of this month’s newsletter is the launch of an exciting new product from Nuance. We are proud to announce VoCon Hybrid – a major landmark in the evolution from speech recognition to language understanding. VoCon Hybrid provides a single unified API to access both embedded and network voice recognition technologies from Nuance. The end result is an easy, intuitive “one button” experience for the end user. Our automotive vision continues to evolve with another “industry first” product, and we hope that you’ll have as much fun developing exciting new applications and voice-enabled experiences with VoCon Hybrid as we’ve had creating it!
Fatima Vital,

In The Spotlight:
VoCon Hybrid – Evolution and Revolution
The much anticipated launch of VoCon Hybrid is now a reality! This complete embedded and connected network voice recognition development SDK combines the powerful language capabilities of VoCon 3200, talk over barge-in from VoCon SSE and network services support from Dragon and the NDEV community.
• Embedded technology based on the VoCon v4.x ASR engine
• Connected technology provided by Dragon Mobile services
• Industry first with single unified API for embedded and connected ASR
• “Always on” solutions where data connection is lost
And with always listening wake-up word functionality, OEMs and developers can empower their consumers to simply speak to engage their devices – no button required. The interest in VoCon Hybrid is already extending beyond the automotive realm into consumer electronics, mobile handsets and the connected home. VoCon Hybrid is currently available in over 25 languages for the Windows PC platform, with support for iOS and Android planned in the coming months.

Nuance Automotive Forum Europe 2012
This year’s Auto Forum in Stuttgart, Germany on April 16-17 promises to be a spectacular event featuring lively and insightful discussions about the future of automotive HMI. Together with our automotive customers and partners we will focus on enabling drivers to take full advantage of today's sophisticated in-car systems – by cutting through the UI complexity and keeping drivers focused on the road. Key topics will include connected car use cases and services, safe message dictation, multimodal hybrid music search and advanced audio integration. This year's conference will also see the introduction of several ground-breaking innovations from Nuance and our partners. View the agenda and other details here. Please contact Alexander Davydov if you have questions regarding the event or if you would like to see additional topics on the agenda. We hope to see you soon in Stuttgart!

Meet Us at These Future Events
Nuance Automotive Forum Europe 2012
April 16-17, 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany
Please contact for more information.

VoCon Hybrid and VoCon SSE Technical Workshops
March 26, 2012 in Tokyo
March 28, 2012 in Nagoya
Please contact for more information.

Vehicle Interaction Summit
March 26, 2012 in Stuttgart, Germany

New and Notable:
VoCon ASR Training
Back by popular demand, VoCon Hybrid Automatic Speech Recognition training courses are scheduled to start in April. Courses offer a fast track introduction to the key features of the VoCon Hybrid API and Software Development Kit tools. These 2-day training sessions are hosted by Nuance and dedicated on-site courses can also be arranged through Nuance Professional Services. Contact your Nuance representative or Lewis Mowatt for more information. Dates and locations for upcoming courses can be found below:

Location Dates
Merelbeke, Belgium April 3-4
Montreal, Canada June 5-6
Merelbeke, Belgium October 9-10
Nuance Auto Summit, Michigan, USA November TBC
CES, Las Vegas, NV, USA January 7-8, 2013

Automotive Press Vision Tour
Nuance’s reputation as the global leader in speech-enabled automotive HMI continues to grow and the German press recently acknowledged Nuance as the driving force behind speech recognition in cars. Links to a small excerpt of recent coverage follow.
Developers intend to bring Siri into the car Focus online, Feb. 16, 2012
Understanding Devices ZEIT Wissen, Feb. 14, 2012 - Germany
Racing from Dictation Handelsblatt, Feb. 19, 2012 - Germany
Speech recognition conquers mobile phones  n-tv Feb. 20, 2012

Nuance and Ford SYNC
Nuance recently participated in Ford’s latest Drive program in Portland, Oregon where Nuance was front and center as the “voice” of SYNC’s voice technology . At the event, Ford announced a SYNC My Ford Touch performance upgrade featuring an enhanced touch-screen and voice recognition, faster start up time and tablet compatibility.
Ford’s SYNC debut in Europe also recently made the headlines and you can read more about it in Connected World and The Next Web.
Nuance’s role in making SYNC easier to use was also featured in Automotive News. As described by Brian Radloff, “Nuance's goal is to make Sync easier to use for first-timers…It's a trend across the auto industry. Everybody wants the first-time user to engage and have a good experience.” The goal is to enable motorists to get the desired result from voice recognition 90 per cent of the time with a single command.

“Why Consumers and Content Need Voice”
Several Nuance representatives spoke at the Mobile Voice Conference in San Francisco on March 12-14, including Brian Radloff, Director of Automotive Solutions Architects. Brian’s presentation, “Connected Car Technology: Why Consumers and Content Need Voice” analyzed how automotive trends are leveraging the mobile user experience and how speech empowers connectivity by blending embedded and cloud-based services. Brian also participated in panel discussions on the Connected Car. The global market for vehicle connectivity is expected to grow at an unprecedented rate, and Nuance is clearly pioneering many of the speech and multimodal user interfaces that are transforming how drivers interact with their cars.

Just for Fun!
Did you know…?
 59% of car buyers aged 19 to 31 view in-car connectivity as the most important aspect of a car’s interior and 72% want to use smartphone apps in their cars (Deloitte)
 Automobiles will be among the top three fastest growing market segments for connected devices and Internet content by 2014 (Gartner)
 90% of new cars will be connected by 2020, creating a $600 billion market (Machina Research)



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