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Nuance Automotive Newsletter        January, 2012

A Note from the Editor:
Welcome to the 2nd Nuance Automotive Newsletter! In this issue we’ll have some exciting news about a dynamic business partnership that will elevate our voice-enabled music offering to new heights in 2012. You’ll get a glimpse into our vision for the future of driver/car interaction - “Vision 2020”- and we’ll round off this issue with some highlights of our recent BBC coverage.   I hope you enjoy our latest news, and please stay tuned to see where the road to the ultimate connected car experience will lead us next!
Fatima Vital

In The Spotlight:
2012 International CES
Once again, CES provided Nuance with an opportunity to showcase the best that we have to offer in the ongoing evolution of the connected car. This year’s demos were very well attended and included: Voice Car – a new multimodal UI demonstrator for seamless music search, In-Car Dictation –a safe and effective way for drivers to input, correct and send messages and Barge-in technology which makes it possible to interrupt prompts by speaking the next command - without any button pressing.

Exciting news from the 2012 show was an announcement of Nuance’s partnership with Gracenote to accelerate next-generation solutions for interactive music in cars and in the cloud – across the widest possible range of content providers. Nuance will make the first combined technologies solution available later this year – VoCon Music Premium. This offering will combine Nuance’s voice and language understanding technologies with Gracenote’s MediaVOCS database of phonetic transcriptions for artists and albums to improve how drivers find, discover and experience music just by speaking. The combined solution will improve pronunciation of difficult artist names and song titles across Nuance’s mobile speech recognition and text-to-speech portfolio. VoCon Music Premium will give drivers an entirely new media experience by providing unlimited access to the world’s music library through the most simple and intuitive user experience imaginable. The Gracenote partnership was mentioned in Speech Technology Magazine- read the article here.
Meet Us at These Future Events
Mobile World Congress, Feb. 27- March 1, 2012 @ Fira Montjuïc, in Barcelona. Learn more about the show here. If you plan to attend MWC please contact your Nuance account manager to schedule a meeting or send a request to Fatima.vital@nuance. com.

Nuance Automotive Forum Europe 2012
April 16-17, Stuttgart, Germany
Please save the date – the invitation will be sent soon.

VoCon Hybrid and VoCon SSE Technical Workshops
March 26, 2012 in Tokyo
March 28, 2012 in Nagoya
Please contact for more information.

Nuance Featured on BBC News
Last month, the BBC included a segment about Nuance (“Speak up! Tell your microwave, fridge and TV what to do”) depicting how Nuance’s voice technology is changing the way people interact with cars, phones, PCs, electronic medical records and even TVs. View the segment and video here. Commentary from Nuance’s chief technology officer, Vlad Sejnoha, describes how auto makers are reinventing themselves as consumer electronics manufacturers – responding to user expectations for permanent connectivity, access to the latest media and songs, and constant connectivity and communication in the car. This   and other articles are positive testimony to the importance of the spoken word behind the wheel.

New and Notable:
“Nuance Automotive Vision 2020”
Trends in mobile communication and consumer electronics evolve at an incredible pace. How are these and other trends changing the way we interact with cars? Nuance’s “Automotive Vision 2020” animation brings to life the culmination of our vision of the automotive HMI in the future. It presents a day in the life of a young urban professional and shows how the e-interaction between the car and driver is intuitive, multimodal, personalized, connected and safe. Take a look into the future here.
The Nuance Automotive Vision 2020 is based on a thorough analysis of key trends affecting the evolution of automotive Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) in the coming years. Our newest whitepaper, "Automotive HMI Fit for 2020", provides some insightful analysis of global trends in these key areas: personal mobile devices, consumer electronics, car technology, demography, economy and legislation and attempts to predict how a typical automotive HMI might look in 2020. Each trend is analyzed in light of its impact on the evolution of automotive infotainment systems in general and automotive HMI in particular. In conclusion, it presents a forward-looking summary of the components of a typical in-car system in 2020. Are you interested in how current trends are shaping the future of the connected car? More details can be found in the “Automotive HMI Fit for 2020” whitepaper available for download here.

 Nuance & NavInfo Partnership Announced
Nuance and China map data supplier NavInfo announced a partnership to develop high quality voice navigation map data. NavInfo will release a new version of map data next May in which Nuance’s Text-to-Speech (TTS) will be adopted. Nuance generates phonetics for the Navinfo maps of China which are then distributed by Navinfo along with their map products. NavInfo believes that Nuance’s leading voice technology will allow them to provide the best user experience. Read the story here.

NNG One-Shot Voice Destination
Navigation software developer NNG announced that its IGO Primo solution now features one shot voice destination entry by utilizing Nuance’s speech engine. This feature is based on onboard speech recognition technology, making it suitable for both connected and non-connected navigation solutions. Read more here.

Just for Fun!
Swype combined with the power of Dragon Dictation has been released to showcase the ultimate multi-modal user interface. Watch the one and only Multi-modal Swype ninja here.



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