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Speaking About the ABCs
of the Connected Car

Nuance Automotive Newsletter         January, 2013

A Note from the Editor:
In our first newsletter for the New Year, I would like to share some exciting news from Nuance’s participation in the 2013 International CES. Check out the article “In the Spotlight” section below to read about our key announcements that made a big impact at the show. We are also busy planning our Auto Forums for the coming year and will be contacting you with details for the June forum very soon. On the product front, this issue contains a new product announcement about VoCon Music Premium which is a big bonus for our music-loving customers, and Vocalizer Expressive, Nuance’s new generation of text-to-speech solutions. And finally, this issue includes a link to a brief survey that we hope you will complete to help us improve the newsletter. Everyone who replies to the survey will be eligible to win a $500 Amazon gift certificate, so please take a few minutes to send us your valuable comments. We’ll use your input to make future issues of the newsletter better align with your needs and interests.

Fatima Vital,

In The Spotlight:

2013 International CES
CES calls it the “year of the connected car” and its no secret that Dragon Drive is making the in-car conversational experience a widespread reality. Two key announcements at show side attested to its growing popularity.
At CES, Nuance and Chrysler announced that Nuance’s automotive grade connected car platform is powering the voice capabilities of Chrysler’s Uconnect Access services. With Uconnect, drivers can enjoy hands-free message dictation, navigation and local business search simply by speaking. Uconnect Access is the first offering from a U.S. auto maker that introduces cloud-based, hands-free, voice-activated texting. “Consumers demand in-car connectivity and content, but it must be accessible in an intelligent and intuitive way as a natural extension of the infotainment system,” said Arnd Weil, vice president and general manager, automotive, Nuance Mobile. “Dragon Drive’s unique embedded-connected platform gives automakers like Chrysler the flexibility to deliver voice-enabled message dictation, content and information regardless of where it exists – in the car, on a device or in the cloud.”

In another “first”, Hyundai also unveiled its connected car prototype at CES with a new voice-enabled infotainment system powered by Dragon Drive. Hyundai’s new infotainment system deeply integrates Nuance’s Dragon Drive natural language understanding automotive voice platform to showcase the power of conversational interfaces as part of a safer, smarter in-car experience. Hyundai is also among the first automakers to introduce “Welcome Mode,” leveraging Nuance’s personal assistant capabilities designed for the connected car. Drivers are greeted with a personal message when they enter the car, along with personalized greeting using Nuance’s text-to-speech. Other services demonstrated as part of the Hyundai Dragon Drive prototype included universal destination entry with POI, hybrid music selection, message dictation and calendaring.  “Hyundai’s connected car prototype demonstrates the flexibility and broad capabilities of our Dragon Drive platform, where Nuance’s voice technologies deliver an intelligent, conversational exchange between people and their cars to keep them connected no matter where life’s journey brings them,” said Arnd Weil, vice president and general manager, automotive, Nuance Mobile.
Automotive connectivity and infotainment were real showstoppers this year – a good indication that with Nuance on board, drivers can look forward to an exciting new driving experience in 2013!



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New and Notable:

VoCon Music Premium: Your Music at Your Command
First came Nuance’s VoCon Music in September 2012. Now, the evolution continues with the introduction of Nuance’s VoCon Music Premium which offers drivers an exciting new way to access music via speech. Featuring the same API as VoCon Hybrid and compatibility with Vocalizer Expressive, VoCon Music Premium sets the new standard for speech-enabled on-board music search. Drivers benefit from a consistent user experience across all devices and music sources as they use streamlined navigation to manage their music selections. Increased accuracy and performance with reduced latency at start up make the data quality second to none. And with VoCon Music Premium, drivers can quickly and effortlessly find their favorite music without remembering complete song titles or artist names - even nicknames of artists can be used. VoCon Music Premium provides editorially derived phonetic transcription for artist/album names in 16 languages spanning 48 countries, so language or wrong transcriptions are no longer a barrier to effective and exciting music search. To make a good solution even better, future enhancements will include global coverage expansion and additional features like AM/FM radio station names, Sirius XM phonetic service support and online lookup service.  Entertainment at your command is headed your way!

Vocalizer Expressive: Nuance’s New Generation of Text-to-Speech Solutions
Nuance’s Vocalizer Expressive brings an exciting new dimension to text-to-speech with enhanced expressivity so the user experience is more natural than ever. Featuring optimized read out of long text with new signal processing algorithms and advanced syntactical analysis, Vocalizer Expressive enables the highest quality speech output for a wide range of applications. Improved multi-lingual support provides more accurate language identification and unparalleled foreign language readout. SSML allows for vendor-independent markup, plus a truly universal voice portfolio offers 42 languages and 71 voices for creating global solutions with a single engine. Vocalizer Expresssive release 1.1 will also deliver improved quality for Mandarini Chinese in an improved Compact model.  Watch out for news about future updates to the continuously expandingi voice and language portfolio.

Nuance Powers Up ZTE’s New Car Mode App
ZTE’s new Car Mode application announced at CES 2013 integrates Nuance’s powerful voice capabilities to let users stay connected to people and content without bringing additional manual-visual distractions into the car. The hands-free experience enables access to phone functions that are used the most while driving, such as making phone calls, reading text messages and accessing music. Drivers simply engage Car Mode with a hands-free wake-up word, and the app is at their command to dial contacts and numbers, launch navigation apps, get the local weather and play music on the device - supporting more than 25 languages. 


Your Voice Counts!

Because we value your opinion to make the newsletter more useful, this issue contains a link to a brief survey.  Please take a few minutes to voice your opinion about the newsletter, and you will be eligible to enter a drawing for a $500 Amazon gift certificate by providing your contact information in the last survey question. Your responses will be used only to improve the format and content of the newsletter.  Thank you for participating in the survey – we look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

Just for Fun:

The future is (almost) here, according to Nuance’s Chief Creative Office, Gary Clayton, who shared his vision for a connected home powered by voice at this year’s CES. You can read more about the future of voice control in our daily lives here and dream about the day that you can actually talk to your toaster…and be understood!

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