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Speaking About the ABCs
of the Connected Car

Nuance Automotive Newsletter        December, 2012

A Note from the Editor:
A year has passed since we introduced the Nuance Automotive Newsletter with its central focus on the ABCs of the Connected Car. We designed the newsletter to showcase how Nuance is responding to the growing demand for connectivity in all aspects of everyday life – including driving and we hope that it has lived up to your expectations. I hope that you enjoy the current issue which includes a re-cap of this year’s Nuance Auto Forum in Detroit as well as news about our custom voices capabilities and the award-winning Dragon Drive!

In the Spotlight:

Nuance Auto Forum Detroit 2012 – Experiencing the Intuitive Connected Car
This year’s Nuance-hosted Automotive Forum Detroit drew an international audience of more than 100 customers to Birmingham, Michigan. Attendees from the industry’s most innovative car manufacturers and content providers gathered to experience the intuitive connected car first hand and to check out the latest and greatest voice-enabled demos. Once again, leading automotive companies including Chrysler, Ford, General Motors, Hyundai, Mazda, Nissan and Toyota were well represented and there were many new faces in the audience as well. The various presentations brought to life the key features of Dragon Drive!, Vocalizer, Vocon Premium Music from Nuance and Gracenote, and the multimodal user experience. The evolution of the intelligent personal assistant behind the wheel was also a key topic of discussion.  In-car demos took the spotlight as usual and rounding out the agenda were partner demos including Spansion’s acoustic coprocessor, TRW’s script recognition steering wheel and transportation intelligence from INRIX. Customers enjoyed a great lineup of speakers who offered new perspectives on topics including the impact of global trends on design, product development and strategy and advanced user interfaces that enhance the driving experience while minimizing driver distraction.  Judging from initial feedback, the 2012 Forum surpassed our customers’ expectations and many are already planning to attend next year’s event which has become a much-anticipated annual tradition for sharing next-generation connected car solutions.


Meet Us at These Upcoming Events
2013 International CES
, January 8-11, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. More show details are available here. Meet Nuance at the Las Vegas Convention Center in South Hall 2 Meeting Place (MP25745) to learn more about Nuance’s vision for 2013 and beyond - and to experience our newest portfolio of products including Dragon Drive and Vocalizer Expressive first hand!
To schedule a meeting please contact your Nuance Sales representative or reply to providing your area of interest as well as your preferred dates and time.
And if you’re interested in “Trends That Are Redefining the User Interface” we recommend the panel discussion on Jan 9, 2 pm-3 pm with Nuance’s Chief Technology Officer in the LVCC, North Hall N261
We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in January!

New and Notable:

Dragon Drive! Wins CES Innovation Award
Nuance’s Dragon Drive! was recently chosen as a Consumer Electronics Association Innovation Award Honoree. Dragon Drive! is Nuance’s automotive-grade natural-language voice platform for the connected car, enabling auto OEMs and suppliers to deliver eyes- and hands-free message dictation and direct access to content, music, and navigation services.  The CEA recognized that more than ever, voice is a core aspect of the user interface for many devices – mobile phones, mobile personal assistant apps, TVs, as well as connected cars – because it provides users with a quick and intuitive way to directly access whatever they want.
Dragon Drive! will be honored at the Innovation Design and Engineering Awards Showcase at the 2013 International CES. If you’ll be there, be sure to check it out!

Dragon Drive! Messaging Debuts in the New Audi A3
Dragon Drive! Messaging service for the connected car is now powering the text message dictation in the new Audi A3. With Audi connect Messaging, drivers can simply use their voice to dictate and send text messages as well as hear incoming text or e-mail messages. For example, drivers can just say “Dictate text message to John Smith” to quickly access the contact from a mobile address book, and then speak the message, “I am stuck in traffic and will be late for the meeting. Start without me.” The message is read to the driver, and from there they can continue dictating, edit or send the message using simple voice commands. Nuance’s natural, humanlike text-to-speech capabilities also read out incoming text and email messages, keeping Audi drivers connected to friends and family.
You can read more in our press release and in the following publications:
Audi A3 Integrates Dragon Features – Speech Technology Magazine – October 11, 2012
Audi A3 Text Message Dictation Powered by Nuance – LetsGoDigital
Audi Uses Nuance's Speech Engine in New A3 Model – Toms Hardware

Ford Celebrates 5th Anniversary of SYNC
Ford recently announced that it has sold 5 million vehicles equipped with SYNC in the last five years.
The first Ford vehicle equipped with SYNC was the 2008 Focus and the voice command system powered by Nuance technology is now available on all Ford vehicles. The SYNC system continues to evolve and now allows drivers to control their smartphone and some apps using voice commands.  With 5 million SYNC-equipped vehicles on the road and the system just beginning to launch in Europe and Asia, Ford and its partners, including Nuance, are always working on new enhancements that can keep customers on the leading edge of in-car technology.  Ford also just announced an improved SYNC with more natural and accurate voice recognition in the 2014 Fiesta. Drivers can now simply say “Play <name>” when requesting a specific artist, song, album or genre of music (i.e. “Play jazz” versus “Play genre jazz”).

Coverage of the enhanced Ford SYNC includes:
2014 Ford Fiesta gets MyFord Touch, Smarter Sync Voice Commands – Engadget
Ford Upgrades Fiesta Tech with LCD, Navigation – CNET
Ford Announces Improved SYNC with Smarter Voice Recognition and Simplified Controls -TechCrunch

Clarion’s Next GATE Brings Apps to Your Ride
Clarion's Next Gate in-vehicle smartphone controller works with your iPhone to bring vehicle-friendly apps to your dashboard. The Vlingo app from Nuance allows you to control various system settings using voice controls such as posting to Facebook and Twitter, sending text messages and making phone calls. The device also provides easy access to entertainment, traffic and navigation and leverages Bluetooth for hands-free operation. A recent review in offered these words of praise, “We were impressed with the app's speech recognition capabilities and were glad to see that it read our updates back to us before posting them online.” Overall, Clarion Next Gate is a good solution for drivers looking to get all of the benefits of the latest in in-car technology without having to drop a small fortune on a new vehicle.

Custom Voice Solutions for Enhanced Branding
Backed by millions of hours of speech data, Nuance has developed voice recognition in more than 50 languages and text-to-speech synthesis in more than 40 languages with 70 different voices. In addition to this robust portfolio of standard voices, Nuance has created over 30 custom voices for a growing list of customers including Swisscom, Deutsche Bahn, British Telecom, and US Airways. Voices created with Nuance’s Vocalizer Expressive feature new enhancements for an improved customer experience because the expressive voice now has a distinct personality and actually understands meaning!
A Nuance custom voice is one of the most powerful ways to build brand identity since it prompts an emotional response every time it is heard and builds a lasting attachment and loyalty to a particular brand. Custom voices can be used in a wide range of communication touch points and some of the more popular applications include:
• cars and mobile devices
• inbound and outbound call centers, contact centers, voice-mail systems
• e-commerce and customer self-service portals
• information and audio-video services
• advertisements and other marketing tools
Interested in an exclusive voice representing your unique business profile? Contact your Nuance sales representative or visit the Nuance custom voices web page for more information.



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