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Speaking about the ABCs
of the Connected Car

Nuance Automotive Newsletter                       May, 2012

 A Note from the Editor:
It’s finally here – the much anticipated launch of Dragon Drive! This exciting new platform is Nuance’s response to the ever-growing demand for a safe and effective way to stay connected on the road. As the world market for connected cars continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, Nuance is at the forefront of efforts to empower drivers with connectivity while minimizing driver distraction. Dragon Drive! employs both the embedded and connected features of in-car infotainment systems to give drivers a seamless and natural exchange with their car. The result?  Manual and visual distractions are greatly minimized so drivers can enjoy their journey like never before and safely reach their destination. I hope you enjoy reading about Dragon Drive! in this month’s newsletter and remember to keep your eye on future editions for new product updates.

Fatima Vital,

In The Spotlight:
Dragon Drive! – the Next-Generation Connected Car Experience

When drivers get behind the wheel, they can take their connected lifestyle with them like never before, thanks to Dragon Drive! from Nuance. Our newest multimodal platform combines Nuance’s leading-edge voice, touch and language understanding technologies for natural interaction with in-car systems and access to mobile content. Its hybrid architecture combines the benefits of embedded and cloud-based solutions to give drivers a more natural, conversational interaction with today’s connected cars.
Dragon Drive! Messaging is the first in a series of connected services becoming available to drivers this summer. By using Dragon Drive!’s advanced messaging capabilities, drivers can stay safely and smartly connected with friends, family and colleagues. Listening and responding to text messages and e-mails is easily accomplished using Nuance’s natural language understanding. Drivers can speak requests in natural, single utterances without using long dialogs or memorizing specific command and control functions. For example:
• “Send a text to Anna Smith, ‘I’m stuck in traffic. I’ll be at the office as soon as possible.’”
• “Listen to the email from Alex” to hear text read aloud with Nuance’s newly optimized text-to-speech capabilities.
• “Reply to Alex, ‘Sushi sounds great. See you at 7.'”

Dragon Drive! Messaging is currently available in six languages including US and UK English, French, Italian, German and Spanish. Additional services, including location-based services and hybrid music search, languages and country markets will roll-out throughout the year. To learn more about Dragon Drive!, visit   You can also read more about Dragon Drive! here: CNET ReviewsGigaOMForbes

Sensational in Stuttgart! Nuance Automotive Forum Europe 2012

The Nuance Automotive Forum Europe 2012 was an event not to be missed! An international audience of more than 100 attendees gathered on April 16-17 in Stuttgart, Germany to experience the latest and greatest connected car innovations from Nuance and our partners. All major car manufacturers, Tier 1 suppliers, and navigation vendors were represented at this lively forum which featured the latest automotive HMI solutions. Our customers received a preview of Dragon Drive! including message dictation, news reader and the ever-popular music search. Other key topics included advanced audio integration and an intriguing new study on multilingual solutions. From its lavish start with dinner at the historical castle Solitude through the final visionary session, the forum was a dynamic and engaging experience for all. Initial feedback has been very positive and attendees are already looking forward to next year’s event!

New and Notable:
Spansion & Nuance Offer New Speech Package

Spansion Inc. and Nuance announced a partnership to enhance the responsiveness and quality of voice recognition for automotive applications. Spansion is developing programmable system solutions that will improve the speed and accuracy of reading data for systems that are memory, processing and MIPS intensive. Nuance’s voice recognition technology will be integrated and initially deployed in automotive environments where increased processing and memory are critical for in-car entertainment, connectivity, navigation and safety technologies.

Ford of Europe and Nuance Reveal Future Voice Recognition Trends

Ford and Nuance are working to constantly improve voice recognition through an evolution toward an embedded system capable of understanding natural speech, and delivering further enhancement using “the cloud”.  A joint press event on May 3rd received international media coverage and revealed future trends for in-car voice recognition and other mobile lifestyle areas.  Read more here.

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