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Speaking about the ABCs
 of the Connected Car

Nuance Automotive Newsletter    December, 2011

A Note from the Editor

Welcome to the new Nuance Automotive Newsletter! You’ll notice a fresh look and exciting new content focusing on the ABCs of the Connected Car. Because today’s mobile consumers demand connectivity more than ever before and in all aspects of everyday life – including driving, we’ll use the newsletter to showcase how Nuance is responding to this growing demand. Our speech and multimodal user interfaces are re-energizing the driving experience by giving drivers safe and convenient access to both on-and off-board connected car services. The current issue includes a re-cap of our highly successful Auto Forum in Detroit as well as news about the latest prototypes for in-car dictation and hybrid music search. You’ll also learn more about our latest embedded TTS and our T9 text input offering, so…read on and journey with us as we travel the ever-changing road to connectivity!

Fatima Vital,


In The Spotlight

Nuance Auto Forum Detroit 2011 – Speaking About the Connected Car
Judging from the enthusiastic response to the second annual Nuance Auto Forum in Detroit on November 8, the Connected Car is a hot topic that is certainly turning heads! More than 100 attendees from the auto industry’s most innovative car manufacturers and content providers accepted the invitation to experience firsthand how Nuance is making safe and user-friendly access to the Connected Car a reality.  In addition to a great lineup of speakers, Nuance’s product managers and engineers shared an in-depth look at industry trends and next generation solutions designed to revolutionize the in-car experience. Partner demos included Spansion’s Acoustic Processing Unit and Gracenote’s MediaVOCS® which provides voice command access to artists and songs – a must-have for any driver!
The real stars of the event were two demo vehicles, a Ford Edge and Audi A6, equipped with in-car communication, message dictation and hybrid music search. These demos brought the Connected Car to life for the audience who were amazed at how recent advances in voice technology are keeping drivers truly connected behind the wheel.  The media event preceding the conference, “Consumers, Content and Connected Cars”, was attended by 15 journalists and quickly generated widespread and very favorable media coverage, including the following:

Much Better Auto Voice-Command Systems Coming Soon, Detroit Free Press and USA Today
Siri-like Voice Recognition Coming to Cars, CNET,
Nuance, Ford, Pandora, and Gracenote Talk Infotainment, Siri, DailyTech
We’re looking forward to an equally successful event next year and the opportunity to delight our customers with an even better Connected Car experience in 2012!


Nuance Supports Ford at LA Auto Show
The media event in November at the Belasco Theater was co-sponsored by Nuance and attracted over 800 guests! This much-anticipated event featured the debut of the 2013 Mustang series and Mr.Carroll Shelby himself (of Mustang Shelby fame) made an appearance as the guest of honor.

Meet Us at These Upcoming Events

2012 International CES, Jan. 10 – 13, 2012, at the Las Vegas Convention and World Trade Center. More show details are available here.
Nuance is in the South Hall 2 in 4 adjacent rooms: MP 25356, MP25357, MP25358 and MP 25359

Connect with us on the show floor for an in-depth look at our latest voice-enabled and multimodal system demonstrations including:
• Voice Car – a new multimodal UI demonstrator offering seamless music search.
• In-Car Dictation – provides a safe and effective way for drivers to input, correct and send messages.
• Barge-in – the latest technology allows users to interrupt prompts by speaking the next command – without any button pressing
If you plan to attend CES and are interested in learning more about these and other next-generation solutions for an enhanced connected car experience, please reply directly to your Nuance sales contact to coordinate scheduling. We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas in January!

Mobile World Congress, Feb. 27- March 1, 2012 @ Fira Montjuïc, in Barcelona. Learn more about the show here.
If you plan to attend MWC please contact your Nuance account manager to schedule a meeting or send a request to Fatima.vital@nuance. com.

New and Notable

New Prototypes for Dictation and Hybrid Music Search

Connected voice services for a safer and more pleasurable driving experience are increasingly in demand and our new in-car prototypes demonstrate some long-awaited solutions. These demos attracted non-stop interest at the recent Detroit Auto Forum:
In-Car Dictation allows drivers to safely and effectively input, correct and send messages.
• Combines multiple Nuance technologies for maximum ease of use
-Server-based Dragon Dictation for recognition of free dedicated messages
-Onboard VoCon for fast recognition of local commands
• Text-to-speech technology allows drivers to review messages while staying
focused on the road
• Simple navigation within the message via a console-based rotary control knob
• Dictate message edits or spell words on touchpad
• Includes optional use of T9Write handwriting recognition technology for input

For more information, download the “In-Vehicle Messaging” whitepaper here.

Music Search is an exciting new multimodal UI demonstrator for seamless music search
• Supports music search both onboard and in the network
• Allows one-shot searching, browsing and playing of music regardless of its location
• Ultra-fast title retrieval from local database or from the cloud
• Recognizes album/artist or title without requiring full name input
• Multi-lingual music selection offers universal functionality

More details can be found in the “Building a Multimodal Automotive Application” whitepaper available for download here.

Nuance In-Car Communication – Its Only Natural!
We have all experienced this familiar scenario: while driving, especially at higher speeds and on uneven roads, conversing with passengers can be problematic. Having a natural conversation requires turning your head or raising your voice in order to be heard. With Nuance’s In-Car Communication, these challenges are a thing of the past. In-Car Communication uses state-of-the-art noise reduction technologies to dramatically improve speech intelligibility for passengers. The system preserves a natural sounding speech signal by applying high quality/low delay audio processing so that conversations between drivers and passengers are captured and played back seamlessly. The result? Ease of communication and a much safer driving experience that makes reaching your destination a great deal more fun!

Product Update

Current Embedded TTS Offering
With the acquisition of SVOX, Nuance is in the process of transitioning to a single industry-leading TTS solution in mid 2012. During the transition phase, we are currently offering both Vocalizer for Automotive and SVOX TTS. The unified TTS will offer a ‘best of breed’ combination of features:

  • Polyglot/multi-lingual
  • Expressive TTS
  • Multi-form synthesis
  • Vocalizer Studio
  • News feed reading
  • 100+Voices
  • Prompt integration
  • 50 languages

Compared to today’s version of Vocalizer, the unified TTS engine will have a similar API, a new Pro voice model and pitch modification. Compared to SVOX’s TTS engine, the new engine will feature a different API, more languages and voices, higher TTS accuracy and CPR prompt technology. You can be assured that Nuance is fully committed to all ongoing customer projects and our Professional Services teams will provide fast and accurate assistance during the transitional phase. We’re making the transition to the new unified TTS engine easy through maximum backwards compatibility of APIs, combined feature sets, preservation of prior investments in prompts and splices and clear migration guidelines. Here’s to a powerful new engine in the coming year!

Update: Nuance T9 Offering for Automotive
Nuance continues investing in smart, multimodal user interfaces. The T9 product family, today deployed in around 5 billion handsets worldwide, is now available and optimized for automotive environments. The recent acquisition of SWYPE reinforces Nuances commitment to making the user experience more compelling by transforming the way people interact with devices and systems.
All T9 products leverage our patented predictive text technology to provide error correction and word prediction capabilities that enable faster input and superior word completion accuracy.

  • XT9 Smart Input is a multi-modal text input solution including predictive text that supports a variety of device form factors and input methods.
  • T9 Trace is a revolutionary continuous touch text input application for touchscreen devices. It eliminates the need to "hunt and peck" keys on a touchscreen panel by allowing users to simply "trace" letters to enter text.
  • Nuance T9 Write, a new class of handwriting input solutions, provides an exceptional user experience on any touch screen device. T9 Write recognizes naturally shaped letters, numbers, symbols and punctuation in more than 40 languages. T9 Write’s revolutionary technology fuses advanced handwriting recognition and predictive text capabilities to provide a superior user experience. T9 Write was optimized for automotive uses cases, such as address entry, POI search or music search. Combined with dictionary assisted fuzzy search, it’s an ideal interface e.g. for address entry. It’s also a very user-friendly correction interface for message dictation.


Just for Fun!

And now, for some “sirious fun”, we thought you might want to check out some amusing videos. Click here to be “siriously” entertained!


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