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Nuance Narrative Capture Solutions

Dragon Medical and transcription solutions and services empower clinicians to deliver more accurate documentation without disrupting workflows so they can spend more time with patients.

Our transcription philosophy:
go with the workflow

Whether you work at a large IDN or hospital, a smaller regional hospital or an ambulatory practice, Nuance Medical Transcription Solutions and Services offer the flexibility needed to let clinicians dictate how they work—and still give you the efficiency, accuracy, and productivity you need.

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Features & Benefits

Helping you dot the i’s and cross the t’s to save $

There are a lot of reasons to trust your patient narratives to the leading healthcare transcription company in the industry. Here are just a few of them.

Make no mistake

Our industry-leading Clinical Language Understanding technology ensures that clinical documentation is accurate from the start. More than 90% of the dictated volume is computer processed so that transcriptionists only have to edit—decreasing turnaround time while reducing human error.

We’ll pick up the slack

Nuance Transcription Services can be used to support your internal and external transcription teams—or you can outsource to us altogether. With Nuance, the choice is yours. Either way, our solutions reduce your transcription costs.

Get the whole story

Your clinicians can tell the complete patient story using their natural narrative to enhance the story through EHR drop-down menus and checkboxes. Having complete and comprehensive documentation means better patient safety and care—and better physician satisfaction.

Work on your terms

Our solutions are designed to fit into your clinicians’ existing workflow—so they don’t have to change their approach to fit the technology.

Be in the know

We understand that, in the end, success is measured by the quality of the produced document. As a Nuance Transcription customer, you can rely on our advanced technologies, proven processes, and quality systems to support and exceed your expectations.

Save money—and jobs

Outsourcing to Nuance Transcription Services means your hospital can save costs and reduce resources required for transcription. Not to worry: we enable your Medical Transcriptionists to transition from their hospital-based positions to Nuance.

30% increase in clinician productivity

Shorten turnaround time from days to hours. This accelerated pace allows you to improve patient care, boost clinician satisfaction, and speed your revenue recognition.

Solutions & Services

The first and last word in transcription

Medical Transcription Solutions Services Platform
Transcription platforms

Whether you work at a large IDN or hospital, a smaller regional hospital, or an ambulatory practice, we have everything clinicians and Medical Transcriptionists need—from powerful mobile tools to custom workflow support to in-depth QA reporting.

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Medical Transcription Solutions Services Outsource
Outsourced transcription services

By outsourcing to Nuance, you can improve the quality of your medical documentation—while cutting your turnaround time in half. We start by using speech recognition software to turn clinical dictations into formatted documents. Then our medical transcriptionists quickly edit for accuracy. We’ll focus on all the details—saving you time and money.

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Prefer dictating into the EHR? Dragon Medical front-end speech recognition solutions accurately translate the doctor’s voice into a rich, detailed clinical narrative that feeds directly into the EHR. Learn more

Award-winning solutions that have won over the industry

1 million +

physicians worldwide

12,000 +

medical transcriptionists around the globe

5 billion +

lines of medical data transcribed annually

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Whether you need front-end dictation solutions or back-end transcription services, there’s no end to the ways we can help.

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