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Clinical Documentation

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Clinical Documentation

Nuance Healthcare is the world's leading provider of speech recognition, dictation, and transcription systems and services that simplify and enhance the production and management of electronic patient documentation.
The speech recognition solutions powered by Nuance help healthcare organisations reduce transcription costs, improve quality, reduce turnaround time, facilitate EHR adoption and accommodate doctors' preferences.  
The world of clinical documentation is changing, and Nuance can help your organisation change with it.

Benefits of Nuance speech recognition

What we offer

Nuance Clinical Documentation Solutions

Nuance Healthcare offers a wide range of industry-leading speech-driven dictation options to match diverse workflows and changing clinical documentation needs:

  • 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services: A new set of cloud- and network-based web services for secure speech capabilities following the design principles of zero weight on the client, zero deployment effort and zero integration effort on many platforms. 360 |  SpeechAnywhere Services brings speech recognition to mobile healthcare IT computing as well as traditional desktop and thin clients.
  • 360 | SpeechMagic SDK: An information capturing platform which enables healthcare IT system providers to integrate seamlessly digital dictation and speech recognition in their solutions.
  • Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition:  Dragon Medical 360 | Network Edition is a ready-to-use, ClickOnce cloud-based desktop solution enabling the use of innovative Nuance medical speech recognition technology wherever and whenever you want, available in 22 languages.
  • Dragon® Medical: A front-end program for real-time speech recognition. Supports practically all Windows®-based EHR systems. Makes creating reports at the point of care more efficient and navigating the EHR system easier.
  • PowerScribe 360 | Reporting: Real-time speech recognition for diagnostic reporting.



Market Leadership

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Today, thousands of hospitals, clinics, and group practices and hundred thousands of healthcare providers, use professional speech recognition by Nuance to transform the high cost of medical reporting to a low cost high-quality process, for increased doctor productivity and better care, through easier, more immediate access to electronic patient information.

  • 3,500 healthcare organisations
  • 450,000 clinicians
  • Improved medical secretaries productivity
  • Increased clinician efficiency
  • Partnerships with major healthcare IT vendors

What customers say

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“The excellent reputation of the Dragon Medical software was also a reason we opted for the speech recognition solution from Nuance. Four months after implementation, we can say that we have indeed witnessed a noticeable decline in workload.”
Hilary Aldcroft , IT and Information Manager at Ponteland Medical Group in Newcastle upon Tyne, UK.

“SpeechMagic is such a useful tool that you think: how did I ever manage without it before?”
Kevin Peters, Head Superintendent for Radiology, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust, UK.

The recognised text is the final report, because the system is so accurate. More than half of the reports need no correction at all, it’s got it word-perfect. I’ll press authorise and the report is gone – totally finished. I never have to revisit it again.”
Dr Melanie Hiorns , Consultant Radiologist and Chair of Radiology, Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children

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Clinical Documentation

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