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Dragon Software Developer Kits

Integrate Dragon into in-house and commercial applications and workflow applications

The Dragon NaturallySpeaking software developer kit (SDK) is used by developers and integrators to add speech recognition capabilities into in-house and commercial applications or workflow applications. This toolkit, which enables everything from free-text dictation to command and control functionality, can be deployed as part of a server- or client-based solution.

Dragon SDK Client (DSC) Edition

Integrate the speech-recognition capabilities of Dragon NaturallySpeaking into any Windows application without using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking user interface. 

  • Create speech-aware applications out of the box
  • Add speech recognition to existing applications

 Learn more about Dragon SDK Client


Dragon SDK Server (DSS) Edition

Speech-recognition functionality for back-end transcription since the recognition engine resides on a remote machine in a network. 

  • Designed to create accurate transcriptions for specific speakers
  • Enables transcription of audio from telephony, recorder or broadcast files
  • Can be integrated into any dictation/transcription workflow system

 Learn more about Dragon SDK Server

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