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Now boarding: Exceptional customer service

The travel and transportation industry is more competitive than ever. Stand out and foster loyalty by providing a first-class customer service experience.

Engaging your customers on-board and off

Nuance is engaged with many top travel and transportation companies, including Jetstar Airways, Amtrak, Delta Airlines and US Airways. We bring over 20 years of experience in the travel industry, plus intelligent, multi-channel self-service solutions that lower servicing costs and deliver a differentiating experience to keep you top-of-mind when customers book their next trip.

Customer acquisition & service

Expertise that upgrades your customer service

Customers expect the basics from all players in the industry: on-time departures, safe travel and simple amenities. To distinguish between their many options, customers look to the service experience, ease of booking and support during travel issues.

Enhance your customer experience and get ready for takeoff

Every day, and during the most difficult travel scenarios, the nation’s leading travel and transportation companies rely on Nuance solutions to create service experiences that assist customers and positively influence their next travel decision.

Travellers are well connected, have preferences and are on the move, so you need to give them choices. But it’s not enough to simply provide customer service options via voice, mobile, web, text, email and chat. The customer interactions within and across channels must be intuitive, conversational, personalised, contextually aware and consistent. Nuance can help you differentiate with intelligent and truly engaging multi-channel service.

Take advantage of industry-leading core technologies in natural language and conversational speech to bring a common experience across channels – making self-service easy for your customers anytime and anywhere.


Conversational IVR

Proactive engagement

Virtual assistants

Intelligent self-service options not only save time and effort for customers, they reduce contact centre costs. With Natural Language Understanding, customers can describe their reason for contact in their own words, whether spoken or text, and quickly access the self-service feature, information or agent skill group that will best service their needs.

Automate self-service capabilities such as schedules, lost baggage, flight information and even complex ticket purchases and reservations using the power of Nuance solutions – all while reducing costs and the volume of contacts to your agents.


Conversational IVR

Proactive engagement

Virtual assistants

Do you really know how your customers perceive your brand and customer service experience? You better – they will make their next reservation based on it.

Our customer survey solutions proactively engage customers during or after the travel experience to gain immediate, powerful feedback. A cleverly placed survey following an agent interaction or self-service IVR transaction, or a follow-up outbound survey after a trip, provides valuable insight to help your company hone the overall experience – while showing your customers you are eager to hear from them.

Alerts & notices

Make your connection with proactive engagement

Whether everything is on schedule or an issue disrupts travel plans, your passenger’s top need is to stay informed.

Engaging experiences that soar above the competition

Top travel companies like Alaska Airlines and Southwest Airlines leverage Nuance to keep their customers and crew informed and on time with alerts, notices and proactive access to self-service when they need it most.

Balancing high customer service standards while keeping costs in line is a challenge airlines face daily. Mobile technology has increased customer expectations dramatically. They want information about flight updates, gate changes, cancellations and the ability to make reservation changes in an instant – and according to their preference, whether via voice, text or email.

Our proactive engagement solutions can help you quickly deliver information and resolve issues for your customers. Deliver real-time updates to passengers via mobile channels. Personalize the updates to each passenger’s itinerary for faster action. Integrate with reservation systems and contact databases. All while reaching customers at a fraction of the time and cost it takes with live agents.

In the travel industry, there is no such thing as a small disruption. Events in one region can wreak havoc on the operations anywhere. Disruptions require rapid interaction with crews, maintenance teams and support staff in order to stay on time and at the top of customer satisfaction ratings. That’s where our incident communications solution comes in.

An airline’s workforce is in constant motion across the globe. Unplanned events are a part of an airline’s everyday business. But when major disruptive events threaten your workforce, make sure you reach the right people at the right time with critical information.

Delayed flights are inevitable. Delayed communications are not. When flights are cancelled, changed or delayed, customers need to know right away, through their preferred channel, and get the information they need for travel. Nuance offers a more effective way through proactive engagement to deliver time-sensitive information without draining internal resources.

Travel & transportation expertise in action

See how we’ve helped industry leaders drive real-world results.


American Airlines (US Airways)
American Airlines (US Airways) was the first domestic airline in the US to deploy a self-service phone system using natural language call steering. Hear about the new customer experience they are delivering, details on why they chose Nuance’s hosted OnDemand platform and the business results they have achieved.

Hear how FedEx deployed natural language speech technology on Nuance’s hosted OnDemand platform to provide callers with a more conversational experience. As a result, they far exceeded their goals to increase customer usage of self-service capabilities.

Case studies

Julie, Amtrak’s automated customer service representative, gets callers “on board.” With speech, Amtrak could provide both a great self-service experience and reduce calls to agents, enabling them to spend more time assisting callers with complex questions.

Southwest Airlines
Southwest Airlines knows that customer communication and trust go hand in hand – and that proactively communicating critical information to affected customers takes more than agents making outbound calls. When flights are cancelled, customers appreciate knowing right away and having the option to make other arrangements.

Professional services

This is the captain speaking: Focus on your business

If you have complex technology solutions across legacy infrastructures and from past mergers, you probably also have an ever-growing backlog of IT projects. Not to mention a rapidly changing business landscape, major travel disruptions, public scrutiny and competitive pressures. Let Nuance professional services help you plan, deliver, support and optimise your customer service solutions – so you can focus on business.

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We understand the demands of travel & transportation. Let's work together to meet them.

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