Connecting the dots to create meaningful conversations

Anticipating needs before you say "hello"

Quite simply, your customers want to accomplish tasks and resolve issues as quickly as possible. Constantly repeating themselves to achieve a goal is frustrating, and the more time it takes to find a solution the more it costs your organisation. The inability to share information across channels - and across your organisation - can create a truly disjointed customer experience.

Yet by introducing a shared data layer for both proactive multi-channel campaigns and self-service solutions, Nuance creates contextually aware conversations that facilitate faster service and more connected experiences. For example, system knowledge of a recent outbound notification immediately informs an intelligent inbound conversation – “Hello Anne, are you calling about your delayed flight?” – with either a live agent or a conversational IVR.

Conversational IVR

Solutions in the voice of your customers

Natural language technology transforms the traditional IVR experience into one that allows customers to speak naturally to achieve their objectives. Callers are able to use their own words and, in one step, be routed to the right self-service application or contact centre agent. This experience is further enhanced by awareness of outbound campaign strategy. In other words, you can replace "How can I help you?" with "Are you calling about your upcoming appointment?"

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Proactive engagement

Meeting expectations for world-class service

Nuance integrates outreach via voice, text, email, live agent and mobile application in a single platform to capture preferences and outcomes of individual interactions. This rich data then provides the context for an inbound conversation, reducing the need for customers to explain themselves and speeding the time it takes to resolve issues.

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Real-world results

An integrated strategy that really flies

Creating a holistic conversation with your customers delivers real results. After just five months of operating with an integrated, multi-channel customer service strategy, a major airline reported positive passenger feedback and extraordinary results.


5 million saved in call automation

27% fewer callers asking for agent at main menu (down to 9%)

Professional services

Experienced support for exceptional results

Nuance professional services leverage years of experience and thousands of successful deployments to offer thought leadership and commitment to your results. We use the latest tools and techniques to design, develop, deploy and optimise your speech-enabled applications.

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Diving deeper into connected conversations for your customers

Case studies

Learn how Monitronics was able to streamline its contact centre operations and improve customer engagement.

Acer America
Acer America drives service improvements with a natural language speech solution on Nuance’s hosted IVR platform.


What do customers want? A growing appetite for customer communications
New research shows that consumers welcome an ongoing dialogue with the companies they do business with and want to receive proactive, real-time messages and reminders.

White papers

Top customer service frustrations
In the era of instant information, customers expect service to be simple and fast. They want to be able to use whichever channel is most convenient – web, social media, mobile app or phone – and have the interaction be consistently easy. Customer service, or the lack there of, has a much greater influence on buying decisions than ever before.

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