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Redefining customer care, from airlines to X-rays


For over 20 years, Nuance has partnered with thousands of companies to deliver customised solutions that address their unique industry challenges.


Financial services

Delivering an experience your customers can bank on

Regulatory and customer care challenges abound, but so do opportunities to differentiate through unique personalisation, enhanced security and investments in creative strategies to meet the demands of today’s mobile consumers.

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In today’s always-on world, customers expect banks to make life easier for them – providing the information they need, when they need it and on the channels they prefer.


As the housing market improves and new loans flood the system, effective borrower communication is essential for origination to loss mitigation – and everything in between.


Trust and personal service are key, but costs can be prohibitive unless the right strategies are in place. Demonstrate your commitment to customer care without breaking the bank.


Taking good care of your patients and members

With significant healthcare reform now approved, lowering the cost and accessibility of healthcare is vital. So is delivering automation, personalisation and creative communication solutions to meet the needs of your patients and members.

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Providers today must reach and manage large, diverse populations without sacrificing quality of care. Automation and self-service can engage patients in a personal, yet fully scalable way.


As longer life expectancies, regulatory reform and ever-changing member populations apply ever-increasing pressure, payers need solutions that can grow revenue while shrinking costs.

Population health

With the move to more patient-centric care, population health organisations need reliable, cost-effective ways to engage members and encourage proactive choices to better manage their health.


Filling 3.5 billion prescriptions annually is hard enough, yet pharmacy benefits managers also need solutions to address increasing member demands, rising prescription costs, tighter budgets and greater revenue loss.


Connecting your customers to the best experience

Increasing contact volume is driving the cost of service higher while companies are aggressively courting customers to switch providers. To compete in managing customer interactions, you must differentiate yourself with the best possible customer service experience.

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Powering a better experience for your customers

Until recently, customer service for utilities was mostly about late payment reminders or responding to a power outage. Today, there’s a greater emphasis on meaningful customer interaction and engagement across digital channels via intuitive self-service.

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Travel & Transportation

Moving experiences for today’s travellers

Engage with customers at each interaction along their journey by providing easy access to reservations, schedules, itinerary changes and other service options that streamline their travel experience – and keep them coming back.

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Delivering customers for life

It only takes one substandard interaction to lose a customer. From improving the online shopping experience with virtual assistants to enhancing delivery and follow-up notifications, we can help you create a seamless branded experience across channels.

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Engaging your citizens in a way that serves them

Delivering a budget-conscious, effective service experience for your citizens is no easy feat. That’s why our intelligent solutions are built to maximise ROI on taxpayer dollars while providing easy access to the information people need, when and where they need it.

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State & Local

Provide easy access to information on taxes, pensions and benefits, transportation and city services – while proactively and quickly connecting with your constituents.


Provide easy access to information on citizen service, public security and government programs – while connecting with citizens and delivering tools to keep the public safe.


Diving deeper into industry expertise for your customers


A healthy dose of innovation
Hear how Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Minnesota is redefining their multi-channel strategy and deploying intuitive self-service systems.


Proactive Patient Engagement: Are Providers Doing Enough?
New research reveals that healthcare organisations aren’t yet achieving proactive engagement with their patients.

We understand the demands of your industry. Let’s work together to meet them.

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