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Meet Nina™ Web, the new face of
Web Customer Service

The new face of web customer service

Nina Web is an intelligent virtual assistant that combines the convenience and accessibility of self-service with the effectiveness and personalized touch of assisted service channels to meet your customer’s service expectations. Designed to emulate your best marketing, sales, and service personnel, Nina Web provides the ability to converse, serve and listen to consumers and deliver an easy, immediate and successful customer engagement anytime, anywhere.

Meet Nina Web – the new face of web customer service


What Can Nina Web Do?
  • Converse: Nina Web engages your customer naturally using a human-like text based conversational interface, powered by Nuance’s leading natural language understanding.
  • Serve: Nina Web answers customer’s questions, guides them to successful outcomes and connects them to the right person or place for immediate, easy and effective self-service.
  • Listen: Nina Web monitors every customer interaction and tunes the virtual assistant accordingly, ensuring your virtual assistant stays relevant and effective.
Interact with Your Customers Naturally

Nina Web allows customers to interact with your brand in a familiar text-based conversational interface. She recognizes “online dialog” - user slang, misspellings, acronyms, and grammatically incorrect sentences – and detects sentiment like customer frustration based on the use of CAPS and punctuation to quickly and accurately understand customer needs.

Serve Every Inquiry, Every Time for a Precise Outcome

Acting as a personal guide, Nina Web leverages existing content on your website or in your knowledge base, to either provide “the one right answer” or guide the customer to complete transactions with the least amount of user effort. Nina Web is also multi-channel aware, integrating with your existing assisted-service channels to create a seamless cross channel customer experience that connects the customer to the right person and place with full context, eliminating the leading point of consumer frustration – having to repeat who they are and what they need.

Actionable Insights for Fine Tuning Virtual Assistant Performance

Today’s always-connected customer demands fast and effective responses to their constantly changing needs. Nina Web provides dashboards and trending reports for actionable insights into customer needs delivered in minutes and hours, not days. Automatic learning combined with a robust toolset for assistant tuning and optimization ensures continuous education and training of your virtual assistant to maximize customer satisfaction today and tomorrow.

Nina Product Details

Nina is comprised of:

  • Nina Virtual Assistant Platform: A Nuance hosted service that provides the power and intelligence to Nina, including access to Nuance’s industry-leading speech recognition, text-to-speech (TTS), natural language understanding (NLU), interactive dialog management and voice biometrics services. Customizable personas reflect your brand identity for a virtual assistant tailored to your unique business needs.
  • Nina Assist: Provides a human-like conversational interface that understands what your customers need and navigates them quickly and accurately to the right automated functionality to enable successful transactions with the least amount of effort.
  • Nina Agent: Enables human-like customer service conversations via text or speech interactions to answer questions accurately and connect users to the right person or place as required for easy and effective self-service. Productized integrations with leading knowledge-bases, CRM, ERP and assisted service channels maximize the value of existing investments and ensure fast time to value.
  • Nina IQ Studio: Ensures your virtual assistant stays relevant to evolving customer needs and remains high-performing with automatic learning and a robust toolset that enables continuous tuning and optimization. Customizable virtual assistant dashboards and dynamic voice of the customer reports deliver actionable insights within hours instead of days.
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