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Nuance Design Framework


Optimize Application Design, Review, Implementation and Maintenance Through Our Design Process and Assets

The Nuance Design Framework is a combination of our design process and the assets we use to optimize application design, review, implementation and maintenance. We use the Design Framework to streamline our call flow design in accordance with the best practices we’ve developed over our more than 20 years of experience. We sketch and share the design with your team as well so we can review prototypes together before any code is written.

Our design framework includes our user interface (UI) design tool, Nuance Application Studio, the only UI design tool created for both speech and touch-tone systems. With it we prototype UI designs independent of the platform used to develop or deploy the solution. It automatically generates deliverables that are otherwise created manually, such as UI design documents, test cases and audio requirements. We also generate code and configuration files for our Development Framework. We reduce risk by keeping these deliverables synchronized, eliminating bug opportunities from any manual updates.


Benefits of Our Design Framework

  • Optimizes our design process
  • Effective review
  • Facilitated best practices
  • Accelerated development

Optimized Design Process
Our process gives our UI designers the flexibility to sketch early ideas and fill in details iteratively over time. Our tools synchronize perspectives across sample calls, call flow diagrams, detailed UI specifications, prototyping modes and grammar definition. We can generate documents for all stakeholders with the right amount of information. For example, a business owner might receive a high-level view while a developer might need to see every detail.

Effective Review
We can experience designs in a prototyping mode before writing any code by transferring the words on paper into an audio experience to understand what the caller would experience. We can generate sample calls automatically and make a small change and see the effect immediately. We can make these updates as we iterate through the design phase, spending time with colleagues and evaluating the customer experience with test scenarios rather than being concerned with formal review cycles of printed deliverables.

Facilitated Best Practices
Our process and tools streamline the way we create and define the call flow design in accordance with the best practices we’ve developed with over 20 years of experience. We can automate common tasks yet still retain the flexibility to override.

Accelerated Development
Our Nuance Application Studio provides an interface for QA test automation and code generation, when used in conjunction with our Development Framework . Its standardized output specifications can be used for any development environment.

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Nuance’s process ensured that each phase was completed and signed off before moving on to the next phase. It was a pleasure to work with an entire team who work with an entire team that was so experienced and methodical, yet met our stringent 7-week timeline efficiently. 
-VP of Customer Care, Large Health Insurance Company
   New Zealand
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