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Accessibility Solutions for Business

Making computers and applications accessible to all users

Nuance offers a wide-range of accessibility and assistive technology solutions for the workforce, helping to provide employees barrier-free access to widely-used information and communication technologies. Our assistive technologies include speech recognition capabilities which allow users to work virtually hands free when creating documents, accessing data or working on the Web, to OCR for the visually impaired, automatic transcription of voice mails for deaf users, and more. Nuance is a leading provider of tailored solutions for users with blindness/low vision, dyslexia, dyspraxia, mobility or dexterity impediments and people with a variety of physical disabilities.

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Adding speech recognition capabilities to computers enables users to work virtually hands free when creating documents and emails, accessing data or working on the Web. Dragon speech recognition takes away the mechanical aspects of typing or handwriting, and therefore removes many of the challenges people with physical or learning disabilities may face in the workplace. 

  • Helps make computers and applications accessible to all users
  • Helps workers with RSI return to work faster
  • Helps reduce the incidence and impact of RSI

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TALKS&ZOOMS helps network operators and service providers around the globe to meet their Corporate Social Responsibility goals and fulfill regulatory requirements by allowing them to offer fully acessible, yet feature-rich handsets to their visually impaired customers and employees. The TALKS software application converts text into highly intelligible speech and is tightly integrated with Nuance ZOOMS, a sophisticated screen magnifier application that makes mobile handset content accessible to low-vision users. TALKS&ZOOMS empowers the visually impaired to take full advantage of the capabilities found on today’s sophisticated mobile handsets and to enjoy a more autonomous and connected lifestyle.

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