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Turn Talk into Text

We dramatically improve the customer experience in voicemail, missed call services, and a variety of peer-to-peer messaging categories. Worldwide, Nuance voice to text conversion technologies helps some of the highest performing Carrier and Unified Messaging companies deliver services that are proven to increase revenue and reduce churn, through greater call completion rates and very high satisfaction on services their customers find indispensible.

Voice to Text empowers differentiation

Dragon Voicemail to Text voicemail to text thumb

With Dragon Voicemail to Text, you can read your voicemail – on your phone, on your PC. Any time, anywhere. Easily triage messages, only spending time on the ones that matter. You’ll be better informed and more responsive. 

  • Voicemails delivered as SMS or emails ensure a familiar and easy experience.
  • Save time as reading voicemails much faster than listening.
  • Stay on top of things, as voicemail text delivered immediately after the message is left.
  • Text delivery ensures you get the message anywhere at any time.
  • Easily reply with SMS, email or phone call with a touch of a button.




Dragon Missed Call Messenger speak SMS thumb

Complete more calls. Dragon Missed Call Messenger allows the calling party to speak an SMS message if the called party does not pick up. This drives both higher revenues, and more satisfied users on your network. 

  • Turn otherwise missed calls into SMS messages.
  • Calling party gets their message through.
  • Carriers experience higher call completion, driving revenues higher.
  • Called party can easily respond to the SMS messages, driving further traffic.

Dragon Visual Voicemail visual voicemail thumb

Dragon Visual Voicemail is the most compelling way of receiving voicemail and P2P voice messages on a smartphone. We combine outstanding design with leading edge speech technologies, including Dragon Dictation.

  • Simple, elegant user experience to read and listen to voicemails.
  • Easily respond with text or speech with Dragon dictation technology.
  • Nuance client technologies assure high quality and speed to market.
  • Compatible with all major voicemail platforms globally.

Dragon Voice to Text API create developer program thumb

Dragon APIs provide simple interfaces for building custom applications quickly. They are easy to work with.

  • Create web, handset or SMS based applications.
  • Standard terms enable fast development.
  • Self-signup and management.

Our experience

Our experience is unparalleled:
  • Leadership on five continents, operating in production with:

    – 3 of the top 4 U.S. Mobile Operators
    – 3 of top 3 North American Cable Operators
    – 2 of top 2 Australian Mobile Operators
    – 4 of top 4 Canadian Mobile Operators
    – 2 of top 2 Spanish Mobile Operators
    – Carriers in 12 Latin American countries

  • The highest quality available, in both 100% automated and hybrid solutions

  • Eight languages, including Language Detection for multi-language solutions:

    – English (US, UK, Canada, Australia)
    – Spanish (Castilian and Latin American variations)
    – Catalan
    – German
    – French (both European and Canadian)
    – Italian
    – Turkish
    – Portuguese (both from Portugal and Brazil)

Our services and solutions are developed, delivered and supported by a team with unique capabilities:
   • The world’s largest speech research organization
   • North American and UK-based engineering
   • A robust, global Professional Services group
   • Large-scale processing cloud, with redundancy, both in the US and the EU

We are proud of our customers, which can be found in every country, and range in size from emerging, entrepreneurial companies to the world’s largest network operators.


Please contact us to learn more about Nuance Voice to Text services.

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