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Equitrac Embedded for Samsung Devices


The devices listed below are supported with a native Equitrac embedded application. For other devices not listed, Equitrac can still be used for tracking and secure document release via our range of external and web-based solutions.

For more information on Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, please download our product data sheet.


Equitrac Embedded for Samsung XOA-E 1.1 for Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express
Samsung Model Minimum Device Firmware
SL-K4250RX, SL-K4300LX, SL-K4350LX V5.C6.04
SL-K7400LX, SL-K7400GX V5.A6.11
SL-K7500LX, SL-K7500GX V5.A6.11
SL-K7600LX, SL-K7600GX V5.A6.11
SL-M4370LX, SL-M5370LX V5.C6.03
SL-M4580FX, SL-M4583FX V5.C6.03
SCX-5835NX, SCX-5935NX V2.00.03.06_ 0301007_1.00
SCX-6545NX V2.00.03.07_0301007_1.00
SCX-6555NX V2.00.03.07_0301007_1.00
SCX-8030ND, SCX-8040ND V5.N6.23
SCX-8230NA, SCX-8238ND, SCX-8240NA, SCX-8248ND V5.D6.07
SCX-8128NX V5.D6.06
SL-X4220RX, SL-X4250LX, SL-X4300LX V6.A6.13
SL-X7400LX, SL-X7400GX V6.A6.11
SL-X7500LX, SL-X7500GX V6.A6.11
SL-X7600LX, SL-X7600GX V6.A6.11
SL-C2680FX V6.A4.28
CLX-8385NX V2.00.03.02
CLX-8540NX V2.00.03.02
CLX-8640, 8650 V6.B6.04.0301007.01
CLX-9250ND, CLX-9350ND V6.S6.11
CLX-9201NA, CLX-9201ND, CLX- 9251NA, CLX-9251ND, CLX-9301NA V6.O6.06
CLX-9206, 9256,  9306 V6.O6.09
CLX-9252NA, CLX-9258NA, CLX-9352NA, CLX-9358NA V6.D6.07

The models listed above are supported with the latest version of Samsung XOA-E 1.1.0135 client unless otherwise noted.


Supported Card Readers

Click here for a list of supported card readers and card formats.

For quality purposes, we recommend confirming specific models, firmware versions, and Equitrac solution versions with your local Equitrac representative.


Last updated on 3rd Dec 2015

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