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Equitrac Embedded for Kyocera Devices

The devices listed below are supported with a native Equitrac embedded application. For other devices not listed, Equitrac can still be used for tracking and secure document release via our range of external and web-based solutions.

For more information on Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, please download our product data sheet. 

The Kyocera embedded for Equitrac also supports UTAX and TA Triumph-Adler branded devices


Kyocera for Equitrac Office/Express

ECOSYS FS-3540MFP (*)  
ECOSYS FS-3640MFP (*)  
ECOSYS FS-6525MFP (*)  
ECOSYS FS-6530MFP (*)  
ECOSYS FS-9130MFP (*)  
ECOSYS M3040idn (*)  
ECOSYS M3540idn (*)  
ECOSYS M3550idn (*)  
ECOSYS M3560idn (*)  
ECOSYS FS-C2526MFP (*)  
ECOSYS FS-C2626MFP (*)  
ECOSYS FS-C8520MFP (*)  
ECOSYS FS-C8525MFP (*)  
ECOSYS FS-C8650MFP (*)  
ECOSYS M6026cidn (*) (^)  
ECOSYS M6035cidn (*) (^)  
ECOSYS M6526cidn (*) (^)  
ECOSYS M6535cidn (*) (^)  
TASKalfa 256i (*)      
TASKalfa 300i (***)      
TASKalfa 306i (*)      
TASKalfa 420i (***)      
TASKalfa 520i (***)      
TASKalfa 3010i
TASKalfa 3500i      
TASKalfa 3501i      
TASKalfa 3510i      
TASKalfa 4500i      
TASKalfa 4501i      
TASKalfa 5500i      
TASKalfa 5501i      
TASKalfa 6500i      
TASKalfa 6501i      
TASKalfa 8000i      
TASKalfa 8001i      
TASKalfa 206ci (*)      
TASKalfa 250ci (***)      
TASKalfa 256ci (*)      
TASKalfa 265ci (*) (^^)      
TASKalfa 266ci (*) (^)      
TASKalfa 300ci (***)      
TASKalfa 400ci (***)      
TASKalfa 500ci (***)      
TASKalfa 552ci (**)      
TASKalfa 2550ci      
TASKalfa 2551ci      
TASKalfa 3050ci      
TAKSalfa 3051ci      
TASKalfa 3550ci      
TASKalfa 3551ci      
TASKalfa 4550ci      
TASKalfa 4551ci      
TASKalfa 5550ci      
TASKalfa 5551ci      
TASKalfa 6550ci      
TASKalfa 6551ci      
TASKalfa 7550ci      
TASKalfa 7551ci
KM Device   Minimum Requirement  
KM-2560 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  
KM-3050 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  
KM-3060 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  
KM-4050 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  
KM-5050 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  
CS Device    Minimum Requirement  
CS 300i (**)      
CS 420i (**)      
CS 520i (**)      
CS 3500i      
CS 4500i      
CS 5500i      
CS 6500i      
CS 8000i      
CS 250ci (**)      
CS 300ci (**)      
CS 400ci (**)      
CS 500ci (**)      
CS 552ci (**)      
CS 3050ci      
CS 3550ci      
CS 4550ci      
CS 5550ci      
CS 6550ci      
CS 7550ci      
CS-2560 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  
CS-3050 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  
CS-3060 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  
CS-4050 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  
CS-5050 (**)   Requires AC-1 USB Activation key  


The models listed above are supported with Equitrac Office/Express 4.2.6 or higher unless noted otherwise.


 ^   Devices supported with Equitrac Office/Express 5.3 or higher

 ^^  Devices supported with Equitrac Office/Express 5.2 or higher

 *   Additional SD Card or Compact Flash card required. Contact KYOCERA Document Solutions Inc. for detail.

 **  Indala, HITAG and EM Marin readers are not supported at this time.

 *** Indala, HITAG and EM Marin readers are supported only with custom device firmware


Supported Card Readers

Click here for a list of supported card readers and card formats.

For quality purposes, we recommend confirming specific models, firmware versions and Equitrac solution versions with your local Equitrac representative.

Last updated on 19th June 2015

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