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Equitrac Embedded for Konica Minolta Devices


The devices listed below are supported with a native Equitrac embedded application. For other devices not listed, Equitrac can still be used for tracking and secure document release via our range of external and web-based solutions. For more information on Equitrac Office and Equitrac Express, please download our product data sheet.


Konica Minolta for Equitrac Office/Express

Device compatibility may vary by region and may not be listed below. Consult your Nuance representative with specific questions.


Konica Minolta Device Minimum Firmware
bizhub 223, 283, 363, 423 A1UD0Y0-0100-GJ2-B5
bizhub 224e, 284e, 364e, 454e, 554e A61F0Y0-0100-G20-09
bizhub 227, 287, 367 A7AH0Y0-0100-G00-28
bizhub 36, 42 A3EW30G0070105
bizhub 361, 421, 501
bizhub 4050, 4750
bizhub 552, 652 A2WU0Y0-0100-GJ2-F2
bizhub 654, 754 A55V0Y0-0100-G20-34
bizhub 601, 751
bizhub 654e, 754e A55V0Y0-0100-G20-60
bizhub C203, C253, C353
bizhub C220, C280, C360
bizhub C224, C284, C364
bizhub C224e, C284e, C364e A5C10Y0-0100-GD1-A9
bizhub C308, C368 A7PU0Y0-0100-G00-16
bizhub C3350, C3850 A3GN30G0120-999
bizhub C35 A12130G0120205
bizhub C451, C550, C650
bizhub C452, C552, C652
bizhub C454, C554
bizhub C454e, C554e A5C10Y0-0100-GD1-A9
bizhub C552DS
Product launch version
bizhub C654, C754
bizhub C654e, C754e
bizhub PRO951 A4EU011-00P1-G00-20
bizhub PRESS 1052, PRESS 1250 A4EU011-00P1-G00-20


The devices listed above are supported with Equitrac Office/Express 4.2.6 or higher
Please note that the device Hard drive is required for the Follow-You Application or Page Size Tracking.


Supported Card Readers

For more details on Supported Card Readers, please contact your local Konica Minolta reseller for the available card readers.

For quality purposes, we recommend confirming specific models, firmware versions, and Equitrac solution versions with your local Equitrac representative.

Last updated on 12th Oct 2015.


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