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Equitrac Print Management Software

Maximize the Scanning Capability of any MFP

The Equitrac TouchPoint Console® is an optional interface for Equitrac Professional that can be attached to any MFP or copier to track and allocate all copy, print, scan, and fax activity performed at the device. 

Nuance’s TouchPoint Console combines the industry’s largest and brightest LCD touch screen with multiple authentication options to provide every user, at any device, a fully personalized experience. With the Equitrac TouchPoint Console and the embedded control options for MFPs, organizations can match the appropriate level of functionality with user preferences – for any MFP or copier.

TouchPoint Console streamlines workflows through:

  • Personalized interface including user-specific favorites, history and last job
  • Direct entry of client-matter codes, disbursement amounts and descriptions
  • Simple data entry using the 10-inch LCD touch screen and full QWERTY keypad
  • A wide choice of authentication options, including ID card, user code or network log-in
  • Advanced search functionality and auto-advance for quick data entry 
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