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eCopy ShareScan Software Development Kit

With the eCopy ShareScan SDK, software developers and system integrators can quickly and easily build integrated, advanced document workflow solutions.

As a result, the value of integrating information locked in paper documents can be extended to every office worker instead of just the limited few with desktop or production scanners.

With its award-winning design, intuitive graphical touch screen interface, enterprise-grade administration console, advanced image processing, and application integration server and device simulator, eCopy ShareScan provides a secure, feature-rich platform for deploying sophisticated document workflow solutions across copier fleets.

With the eCopy ShareScan SDK, you can:

  • Build connectors to external applications and systems to streamline the capture of paper documents into electronic storage and collaboration workflows.
  • Create extenders that add powerful image and data capture capabilities to the ShareScan platform to fully automate business processes.
  • Leverage the data-publishing interface to access or transfer metadata among the Connectors and Extenders you develop and the eCopy-developed or third-party-developed Connectors.

The eCopy ShareScan SDK provides a wealth of tools to get your connectors and extenders up and running in weeks rather than months. The product includes:

  • NET libraries accessible from C#, C++ and VB.
  • Visual Studio Wizard to quickly set up your project and begin coding.
  • Universal Copier UI Forms Designer - a GUI development tool that enables you to create one form and deploy on Canon, HP, Konica Minolta, Ricoh, and Xerox copiers and MFPs.
  • Device Simulator for rapid prototyping and testing on your development machine without a device.
  • ConnectorData publishing.
  • Samples and documentation, including the Getting Started Guide, UI Style Guide, and Online Help Reference, as well as six Connector samples: Mail, Fax, Database, Folder Explorer, HelloWorld, and Stub (for advanced users).
  • eCopy ShareScan core components, including eCopy ShareScan Services Manager, eCopy ShareScan Administration Console, and Windows client for simulation of embedded and eCopy ScanStation™ interfaces.
  • SDK program members have access to the SDK Web site which contains additional SDK tools and information, 24x7.

A Fully Featured SDK for Rapid Development

  • Configurable, custom button on eCopy touch screen: Requires no knowledge of scanning hardware or image processing. Connector Wizard generates samples with all the necessary images, data, and help files, as well as basic functionality 
  • Flexible User Interface: Drop-down lists, soft keyboard input, system generated fields, etc., enable for easy input of additional document related information/metadata. 
  • eCopy ShareScan Framework: Scanning and file creation for PDF, PDF/A, TIFF, JPG, CPY. Administration for managing the Connector. You can also develop Connectors without a copier or scanner. 
  • eCopy ShareScan Services: Take advantage of File Services (Encryption, Security, Text Search, File Format, Document Name, Blank Page Removal, Bates Numbering, Batching, Document Tracking). 
  • Cost Recovery: ID services; Image Services (such as despeckle, deskew, page removal, and blank-page separation); and Data Publishing Services (including barcode processing, zonal OCR, forms recognition, and data extraction).
  • Device Independence: Compatible with all eCopy-enabled copiers and scanners. 
  • Industry Standard Windows-Based Toolkit (.NET, C#, VB, C++, COM): Provides ease of integration. No additional scanning SDK required. Development time is faster. 
  • Visual Forms Designer: Use a GUI development tool that supports multiple client formats and generates the forms (XML). 
  • Connector Wizard: Enables developers to build one Connector to run on multiple devices.
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