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PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results
for VA Hospitals

PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results is a Web-based critical test result management (CTRM) solution for VA hospital diagnostic departments. As the only end-to-end healthcare enterprise solution for communicating critical test results from the lab, radiology, cardiology, and pathology departments to ordering clinicians, PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results helps ensure quick and auditable communication of patients' urgent test results (CTRs), allowing for reliable caregiver communication workflow, as well as expedited critical patient care.

In the radiology setting, PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results offers reporting clinicians one-call-does-it-all simplicity that meets the Joint Commission and American College of Radiology (ACR) guidelines. It reduces radiologist interruptions with timely communication of test results. Radiologists leave each day knowing their time-critical diagnostic reports have been signed and delivered within minutes of dictation, all from within PowerScribe 360.

PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results provides the methodology and supporting technology to develop, implement and continuously improve the communication of patient findings within a VA hospital and across multiple hospitals and departments. Recognized by the Joint Commission, PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results is a tested and proven industry-leading CTRM solution in use at more than 200 hospitals nationwide.

For Clinicians
PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results offers VA reporting clinicians one-call-does-it-all simplicity and also assures that the CTR has been retrieved by the responsible ordering clinician. A reporting clinician creates a message from a phone or computer, and PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results does the rest: alerts the ordering clinician that the CTR is pending; indicates the urgency of the CTR, sending alerts until the message is retrieved; escalates the notification according to pre-set rules; and sends a verification to the reporting clinician when the message has been retrieved–all while documenting the entire communication process to support audit and survey requirements.

For Administrators
PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results gives VA department administrators tools for "real-time" performance measurement. Administrators and clinicians are able to establish VA performance goals and targets for CTR turnaround time (TAT) and assess compliance. This enables administrators to detect patterns and trends of non-compliance quickly and easily. With this kind of visibility, hospital administrators can take action quickly, whenever patients and the institution are at risk due to communication delays and failures.

For Patient Safety and Risk Management
Communicating CTRs is a major problem for hospitals. There are almost 12 billion tests done annually, which generate 2-3 million calls daily from radiology, laboratories, pathology and cardiology to ordering physicians, nursing units, and care teams. Before PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results, communication of CTRs was a manual process with no master directory of contact preferences, no standard technology to automate both the initial communication and verification of receipt, and no metrics to measure performance against goals or standards.

The ACR specifically addresses the communication of non-routine or unexpected findings in its Practice Guidelines. The guidelines of both the Joint Commission and ACR require hospitals to have systems for communicating and documenting the CTRM process. In 2007, the CAP updated its certification checklist of laboratories to indicate whether a lab uses automated CTRM.

In 2006, nearly two-thirds of all hospitals surveyed by the Joint Commission failed to meet the requirements of the National Patient Safety Goal #2: Improve the effectiveness of communication among caregivers. These hospitals would have met the requirements if they had used PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results for CTRM. PowerScribe 360 | Critical Results is now the preferred CTRM solution for all diagnostic departments: radiology, pathology, cardiology and clinical laboratories.

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