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Recognising the power of speech

At the core of our contact centre solutions, Nuance Recognizer enables human-like conversations that create more satisfying self-service interactions while reducing costs.

Listening to your customers starts with hearing their voice

Nuance Recognizer is built on the 10th-generation of our ASR engine and delivers the industry’s highest recognition accuracy, increasing the efficiency of self-service solutions. It easily understands and interprets spoken and touchtone input to help you deliver seamless self-service and an enhanced customer experience.

Nuance Recognizer features languages and dialects, so you can implement a multilingual self-service system from Argentina to New Zealand.

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The benefits

Automation that saves

With 35% improvement in accuracy and superior flexibility, your company can design and build robust self-service applications that save money by automating repetitive tasks.

Speech that’s natural

Recognizer can capture and interpret natural conversational speech with over 10 times the improvement in semantic interpretation performance – placing fewer constraints on application design and functionality.

Technology that learns

Unaffected by noisy environments, bad call quality or regional accents, Recognizer learns from mistakes and makes automatic adjustments to improve accuracy over time.

System that performs

Quickly analyse a variety of data to help you improve system performance with a powerful set of included reporting and analytics tools.


Improved accuracy, flexibility and performance


Correctly recognises a large proportion of out-of-grammar inputs with high confidence. SmartListener technology can be applied across every dialog in the speech application, drastically improving recognition accuracy.

Reporting & analytics

Nuance application tools allow you to get the most out of your speech-enabled self-service solution by delivering a complete framework for observing and improving your system’s performance.

Explore continuous improvement

Nuance Dialog Modules

Harnessing the experience of our professional services team, these prepackaged, reusable, highly configurable VoiceXML application building blocks for call flow, code and grammars are designed to fit into existing call flow and application design.

Support for industry standards

Standards-based solutions offer the benefits of application portability and investment protection. Recognizer includes support for emerging and accepted standards, such as VoiceXML, EMMA, SRGS, SISR, NLSML and MRCPv2.

View VXML 2.1 standards

View MRCPv2 protocol

Solutions & technologies

Recognising how to improve your IVR

Conversational IVR

Recognizer can transform your automated IVR into an intelligent, self-service system by turning a one-way dialogue into a conversation – making it faster and easier for customers to get things done.

Call Steering

Call Steering allows customers to use their own words to describe why they are calling, eliminating navigation complexity and resulting in a faster, more direct path to resolution.

Professional services

Experienced support for exceptional results

Nuance professional services leverage years of experience and thousands of successful deployments to offer thought leadership and commitment to your results. We use the latest tools and techniques to design, develop, deploy and optimise your speech-enabled applications.

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Data sheets

Nuance Recognizer
Nuance Recognizer is the best-of-breed speech recognition software that dramatically increases the efficiency of your self-service solutions.

Nuance Recognizer language availability

Case studies

Home Credit Bank
Read how Nuance speech recognition technology offers bank customers an opportunity to explain the reason for calling in their own words – and how calls are automatically routed to the appropriate self-service application or agent.

Acer America
Read how Acer America drove service improvements with natural a language speech solution on Nuance’s hosted IVR platform.

Learn how Nuance Recognizer is built for your business – and designed around your customers.

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