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750 Developers Enhance Health IT Usability and Clinician Productivity with Nuance

Healthcare Developer Community Growth Coincides with Enhancements to Nuance's Cloud-based Speech Recognition

BURLINGTON, Mass., – July 10, 2013Nuance Communications, Inc., (NASDAQ: NUAN) today announced more than 750 developers in numerous countries have joined its healthcare developer community. This milestone coincides with enhancements to Nuance’s 360 | SpeechAnywhere Services, which provides unparalleled improvements in accuracy and increased customization of medical vocabularies. These latest enhancements to Nuance’s cloud-based speech recognition services allow developers to easily integrate the fastest, most reliable medical speech recognition with their healthcare applications.

“Nuance is making technology easier for clinicians, moving beyond keyboards and voice commands to clinical language understanding and intelligent systems,” said Janet Dillione, executive vice president and general manager, Nuance. “A crucial element of this involves partnering with innovative healthcare developers to create applications that are easy to use and drive productivity so clinicians can devote more time to the patient interaction and care plan.”

As government and the healthcare industry look to transition to value-based care, emphasis is being placed on engaging developers, entrepreneurs and startups to drive innovation and, in effect, inspire real change in the way care is provided today. One key pain point that Nuance and its partners are addressing is helping clinicians more readily access and use information in electronic health records (EHR).

Today, leading EHR vendors and emerging developer partners are integrating speech and clinical language understanding technology with their solutions to address usability and productivity frustrations. A recent AmericanEHR survey found that physician EHR satisfaction dropped from 2010 to 2012. In addition, the Department of Veterans Affairs recently published a study that explored changes that need to be made in next-generation EHRs, including better integration of structured data capture with a narrative style of documentation and enhanced usability. The study also suggested that EHRs should be more customized and tailored to clinicians' preferences and practices. Nuance partners, like Lightning Charts and Modernizing Medicine are driving the creation of next-generation, specialty-specific EHRs.

“The combination of Modernizing Medicine’s touch-based system and Nuance's voice-command functionality enables us to achieve maximum productivity, as it eliminates the need to type altogether. In a high volume practice like ours, that’s invaluable,” said Kimball Silverton, DO and dermatologist, Silverton Skin Institute.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, chronic diseases contribute to seven out of 10 deaths every year in the United States. Data also shows that the largest volume of readmissions occurs among patients with chronic diseases and more than 75 percent of healthcare costs are in fact attributed to chronic illness. In an effort to cut rising healthcare costs by helping patients manage their chronic diseases, more emphasis is being placed on home-based behavior and medication adherence technologies like those from Nuance partner,

“Our telemedicine, long-term care platform enables a continuity of care that improves patient outcomes while reducing costs,” said Ivana Schnur, co-Founder and chief medical officer, “One critical component of the platform is Nuance’s speech recognition. Speech streamlines usability of our platform for physicians and patients alike, and makes interactions with the technology not only simple but more human-like and engaging.”

One of the key tenets of the Affordable Care Act is the move toward Accountable Care Organizations (ACO), and enabling streamlined communication across the care continuum is a critical part of an ACO. A Nuance partner on the cutting-edge of simplifying communication for improved care coordination is Care Thread, a company that provides secure mobile messaging and team-based collaboration solutions.

By integrating Nuance’s speech recognition with Care Thread’s solution, clinicians experience greater efficiency and improved accuracy when communicating with other members of a patient’s care team. Care Thread solutions empower providers to deliver value-based healthcare by streamlining clinician communication, improving patient outcomes and shortening time to discharge.

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